As the first metal implant company in Hong Kong, Koln 3D provides customized solutions to individualized digital medicine, facilitating safer and faster surgeries in orthopaedics and beyond. Our products are of the highest precision, catering to each and every patient’s anatomy and surgeon’s specific needs.




Koln 3D is one of the medical device suppliers of talus of Hong Kong Hospital Authority. We collaborate with universities to advance our technology and extend clinical application to areas of clinical benefits that are impossible in the past without 3D medical printing.




  • Surgical models
  • Personalized implants
  • Healthcare personnel’s protective devices
  • Customized rehabilitation facilities

Customizable Bio-conductive 3D Printing

  • Design and cater for surgery
  • Customize size and shape *
  • Strategically initiate/inhibit bone growth *
  • Facilitate joint movement *
  • Reduce weight

Through our breakthrough in 3D-printing of a Cobalt Chromium metal talus, we have demonstrated great capability in design and high efficiency in manufacturing metal implants. The customizability, durability, bio-compatibility and bio-conductivity make our 3D-printed metal product an ideal candidate as human bone implant.

Our story has been published in the HKTDC Enterprise Yearbook 2020.

Koln 3D is an official medical device supplier of talus of Hong Kong Hospital Authority.

*Utility Model Patent “Device and method for producing artificial solid bone” HK1224885

1. Customize size and shape

2. Smooth surface

  • To inhibit bone on-growth
  • To facilitate joint movement

3. Osteo-conductive structure

  • To initiate bone in-growth
  • To fuse bone and implant
*Hong Kong Priority Founding Application “一種人造骨” 17112754.2

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