We are committed to providing customized one-stop medical solutions to patients and health care professionals.

ISO Certificate 13485:2016

  • 3D-Printed Medical Devices
  • Robotic Post-Processing System

3D-Printed Medical Devices

Our 3D-printed products, including surgical implants, guides, instruments and models, are designed and made based on the data of patients from CT scans, resulting in personalised, high-precision, lightweight and durable products catering to each patient's unique anatomy and surgeon's specific needs. In recent bone tumour therapies facilitated by our orthopedic implants and jigs, patients were able to retain high-level mobility, while a significant reduction in surgical time is observed.


Bio-inductive lattice structure and built-in suture needle holes.

This lastest designed structure promotes tissue integration and overall recovery rate.

Surgical Guides

Pinpointing bone location and cutting site to minimise surgery time, enhance accuracy and reduce risks; thin and compact with strong mechanical properties provide for soft tissue protection.

Compliant with ISO13485:2016 standards.

Customized Plates

Made with biocompatible, ASTM medical grade materials, compatible with standard products.

Customizable Bio-conductive 3D Printing

  • Design and cater for surgery
  • Customize size and shape *
  • Strategically initiate/inhibit bone growth *
  • Facilitate joint movement *
  • Reduce weight

Through our breakthrough in 3D-printing of a Cobalt Chromium metal talus, we have demonstrated great capability in design and high efficiency in manufacturing metal implants. The customizability, durability, bio-compatibility and bio-conductivity make our 3D-printed metal product an ideal candidate as human bone implant.

Our story has been published in the HKTDC Enterprise Yearbook 2020.

Koln 3D is an official medical device supplier of talus of Hong Kong Hospital Authority.

*Utility Model Patent “Device and method for producing artificial solid bone” HK1224885

1. Customize size and shape

2. Smooth surface

  • To inhibit bone on-growth
  • To facilitate joint movement

3. Osteo-conductive structure

  • To initiate bone in-growth
  • To fuse bone and implant
*Hong Kong Priority Founding Application “一種人造骨” 17112754.2