We strive to Restore, Regenerate and Rejuvenate, for the benefit of the Body, Mind and Spirit.




As the first 3D-printed metal implant manufacturer in Hong Kong, Koln 3D offers customized one-stop solution to individualized medicine.

Building on the cross-disciplinary collaboration between doctors and medical engineers, Koln 3D is committed in providing high-precision, personalised surgical implants, jigs and tools, catering to each patient’s unique anatomy and surgeon’s specific needs. We uphold the highest standards in quality control, ensuring the durability, bio-compatibility and bio-conductivity of our products.

Koln 3D has been working closely together with universities and institutes to advance our technology, extending the clinical application to areas beyond orthopaedics. We are a registered medical device supplier of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority.

The company continues to refine the design process and improve productivity, as well as developing our own robotic system and setting up exemplar parameters for the industry.

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28.3Million +

Orthopedic Surgeries

USD30Billion +

Orthopedic Market Value