HA Convention 2024

Koln 3D is exhibiting at the HA Convention until this Friday (May 16-17). Alongside a selection of customized implants, surgical guides, and realignment tools, we are presenting a series of our recent sternal reconstruction cases, constructed using sturdy and lightweight titanium alloy, manufactured locally and delivered within 30 days.

Come visit us to learn more about how our customized 3D-printed solutions enhance surgical outcomes across diverse anatomies.

Date: May 16-17
Booth: B09
Venue: Convention Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Full programme schedule: https://haconvention2024.dryfta.com/index.php

Startup ceremony of the Biotechnology and Healthcare Council (FHKI)

Koln 3D is honoured to be part of the startup ceremony of the Biotechnology and Healthcare Council, Group 33 of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.

We eagerly anticipate joining forces with industry experts from diverse disciplines to drive reindustrialization and innovation forward.

49th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions

Our "Metal organ-on-a-chip" invention has been awarded a Gold Medal at the 49th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions. Thank you for the tremendous effort put in by the team!

“Exploring New Horizons 2024” DGS Visit

Earlier this week, Koln 3D welcomed S2-S5 students from Diocesan Girls' School (#DGS) to our manufacturing site at MARS Centre, Taipo. This visit was organized as a part of the The Council of the Hong Kong Laureate Forum Limited's "Exploring New Horizons 2024" programme.

Our visitors had the opportunity to explore our production and post-processing facilities and examine product samples. The visit concluded with a sharing session, where our biomedical, engineering, and supporting staff provided insights into potential career paths.

We were pleased to share our expertise and offer the students a close-up experience, enabling them to witness the possibilities with #biotech and #3dprinting. We hope that this visit has ignited their curiosity and will serve as inspiration for their academic and professional endeavors.

Dongguan City Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment Visit

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting officials from the Dongguan City Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment at our #Dongguan branch in mainland #China.

Koln 3D’s Dongguan branch is equipped with state-of-the-art precision metal 3D printers that incorporate high-speed milling for efficient post-processing. This branch has been fully operational since the turn of the year.

We are always open to collaborations in #biotech and look forward to exploring potential partnerships and opportunities.

“Advances in Patient-Specific 3D Printed Metal Implants” conference

Our 3-day conference on "Advances in Patient-Specific 3D Printed Metal Implants", was held earlier this month in #Grindelwald#Switzerland. Koln 3D takes pride in supporting this international event, which brought together professionals from more than 15 countries.

The conference served as a platform to connect over 60 experts specializing in additive manufacturing, medicine, orthopaedics, engineering, and advanced materials. Through insightful presentations and discussions, we fostered an open and vibrant environment for knowledge exchange and innovation. It was a privilege to witness the convergence of expertise and perspectives, highlighting the transformative potential of additive manufacturing in clinical applications across various anatomies and through different case studies.

Koln 3D extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees, speakers, and partners who made this conference a resounding success. Your enthusiasm, expertise, and unwavering support were instrumental in creating an enriching and memorable experience for everyone involved. We are truly inspired by the collective passion and dedication of our fellow colleagues and look forward to building upon this momentum and continuing to improve surgical outcomes with additive manufacturing and customized solutions.

HK01 Article

Thank you, #HK01, for publishing the recent interview with Edmond.

Since our humble beginnings at #HKSTP, Koln 3D has made progress in innovating medical solutions and improving surgical outcomes. We are thrilled about the prospects of our newly established production sites in the Greater Bay Area (#GBA) and #Switzerland, as they open up exciting avenues for collaborative projects in the future.

Full article: https://lnkd.in/g6YWMZgW

Clinical AM forum: Advances in Patient-Specific 3D Printed Metal Implants – From Design to Clinical Use

Koln 3D, HKUMed, and Microcity are pleased to announce our joint collaboration in hosting a comprehensive 3-day course on "Advances in Patient-Specific 3D Printed Metal Implants – From Design to Clinical Use." The course will take place from 7th to 9th March 2024 in Grindelwald, Switzerland.

The congress will be covering a range of topics, including materials selection, production and post-processing techniques in additive manufacturing (AM). Esteemed colleagues from the University of Twente, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, and the University of Hong Kong will serve as the course chairs. The course features presentations highlighting applied cases across different disciplines, including the optimized use of customized cages and fixation plates, TMJ and joint revision prosthesis, and etc., as well as discussions on some of the controversies and challenges associated with AM.

We cordially invite you to join us at this event, where medical and engineering professionals will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with leading experts in the field. We look forward to welcoming you in Grindelwald.

Course website: https://www.ortho.hku.hk/advances-in-patient-specific-3d-printed-metal-implants-from-design-to-clinical-use/

Full program: https://www.ortho.hku.hk/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Program_Swiss-3D-v13.pdf

Hong Kong Laureate Forum: Exploring New Horizons 2024

Koln 3D is proud to be a partner of the Council of the Hong Kong Laureate Forum's (#HKLF) "Exploring New Horizons 2024" initiative. As part of this programme, high school students have the opportunity to visit local laboratories and innovative manufacturers, where they can engage in discussions with scientists, engineers and researchers.

This week, we had the pleasure of hosting students from Diocesan Girls' School (DGS) and Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School (TWGSS). By offering these students firsthand exposure to the world of medical 3D-printing, we aim to ignite their curiosity and foster a genuine passion for scientific exploration.

Find out more about the HLKF: https://lnkd.in/gnGy7Rpn

Hong Kong Innovation & Technology Fair

Last Saturday, Koln 3D took part in the Hong Kong Innovation & Technology Fair, alongside the Hong Kong 3D Printing Association (HK3DPA).

It was a refreshing experience for us to exhibit at a local sports ground, openly accessible to the general public, rather than the usual air-conditioned halls. It has been a great opportunity to connect with the community and showcase the practical applications of 3D printing in medicine and everyday life.

Innotech Industry x School Network Visit

Over the past week, we were happy to host students from the Tuen Mun Children and Youth Integrated Services Centre and Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club College for their field trips, organized as part of the Innotech Industry x School Network Visit programme.

The students explored our manufacturing site, gaining a glimpse into the field of orthopaedics and its applications in 3D printing, while our colleagues shared some their own educational journeys and work experiences, providing unique perspectives in career planning.

Koln 3D is incredibly grateful to take part in the programme and collaborate with other esteemed organizations and educational institutions. Together, we are committed to fostering innovation, and shaping a brighter future for our next generation.

CDIA Y-We ceremony

Koln 3D is delighted to continue being part of the Y-We work placement programme created by the Career Development Initiative Alliance (CDIA) in the upcoming year.

We are grateful for the tremendous support from CDIA and the Labour and Welfare Bureau (LWB) and will continue to contribute to this valuable initiative, empowering young individuals hailing from underprivileged backgrounds.

Tatler Hong Kong interview

We are featured in Tatler's November edition of the "Made in Hong Kong" stories.

Edmond discusses his transition from plastic moulding to metal additive manufacturing and the subsequent shift in Koln 3D's focus towards highly specialized medical products. He reflects on the initial hurdles of importing machinery and finding suitable locations for the 3D printers, while sharing his aspirations for local and global R&D projects in the future.

Full article: https://www.tatlerasia.com/power-purpose/wealth/made-in-hong-kong-koln-3d

MARS Centre visits

This week, we had the pleasure of hosting visitors from Qingdao Municipal Hospital and Hong Kong Mould & Die Council (A Federation of Hong Kong Industries Council).

It was a wonderful experience to meet and exchange ideas with medical professionals and industry experts from China and #ASEAN countries. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead as we continue to work together towards common goals.


Starting from today until this Wednesday (27-29/11), Koln 3D will be exhibiting at the #DMP2023 (Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo) with our esteemed partner, #Sodick.

We are pleased to introduce our manufacturing site in Taipo, Hong Kong, to a wide range of visitors, while showcasing a selection of our products and samples made possible by the advanced machinery from Sodick.

Come visit us at the DMP2023 to find out more about the possibilities of medical 3D printing.

Exhibition Details:
Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo 2023
Date: 27-29/11 (Mon-Wed)
Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

NECO visit at MARS Centre

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting our innovation partners from #NECO#Neuchâtel at our manufacturing facility in MARS Centre, Taipo. It was an exciting opportunity to showcase our production process here in Hong Kong, providing a fuller picture to our operations, as well as to exchange ideas for our collaboration in #Switzerland.

We extend our heartfelt thanks for taking the time to visit us. We are eager to continue our partnership and look forward to enhancing the manufacturing landscape in both Hong Kong and Switzerland.

FutureGEN Girls Leadership Summit 2023

Today, we also had the opportunity to participate, jointly with the Hong Kong 3D Printing Association, in the FutureGEN Girls Leadership Summit 2023, held at the Hong Kong Palace Museum. It was truly inspiring to meet the aspiring youths who are enthusiastic about shaping the future. Their energy and passion were contagious, and we are glad to play a part in their journey.

More info on JYC Girls Impact Foundation: https://lnkd.in/gRXXiyzt

HKOA 2023

This weekend marks the 43rd Annual Congress of The Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association (#HKOA 2023). It was an honour for our recent shoulder repair case to be presented among esteemed healthcare professionals, we are truly grateful for the positive feedback we have received. It motivates us to continue making a positive impact in the field of orthopaedics.

As part of our commitment to constant improvement, we have been working diligently to revamp our booth presentation, ensuring that it caters to a diverse audience and delivers an engaging experience. We look forward to seeing you in our upcoming exhibitions!

HKOA 2023 Exhibition Details:
Date: 4-5 November, 2023
Venue: Booth L04, Room S421-S430, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Full Programme: http://hkoa.org/HKOA43/

Kazakhstan conference and MARS Centre visit

October has been an eventful month for Koln 3D. We had the incredible opportunity to present the findings from our series of pelvic resection cases in #Kazakhstan. It was a rewarding experience to share our knowledge and expertise in this field.

Back in Hong Kong, we had the pleasure of hosting school and corporate visits at our HKSTP - Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation office and MARS Centre workshop. It was a great chance to showcase our facilities and engage with aspiring young minds and industry professionals.

We are grateful for the support and encouragement throughout our journey of research and innovation. It is through collaboration and dedication that we can make a real impact in our respective fields.

CityU mentorship programme

In the past academic year, Koln 3D has been a part of City University of Hong Kong's Global Research Enrichment and Technopreneurship (#GREAT) programme, offering mentorship and internship opportunities for its participants (co-organized by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (#FHKI)).

We were happy to have Issac, a Physics undergraduate who has a keen interest in applied science, onboard for work placement this summer. As the internship comes to a close, we hope this practical exposure will serve as a foundation for Issac's future research and career.

As a company in an ever-growing biotech industry, we are committed to fostering a culture of innovation, mentorship, and knowledge sharing.

Article from Mingpao: https://lnkd.in/gBJBMgjt

PolyU Foundation

As a member of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Foundation (PolyU Foundation), we were privileged to be part of the Appreciation Reception this past Saturday.

The event is a celebration of our collaborative effort in research and innovation. It has been an honor to be among esteemed colleagues, industry leaders, and distinguished academics.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the PolyU Foundation and HKSTP - Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation for the recognition and long-standing partnership.

GBA workshops and projects

Earlier this month, we hosted a metal surgical cutting jig #workshop at the Southern Medical University National Science Park (南方医科大学国家大学科技园).

Surgeons and medical experts from #Guangzhou#Zhuhai, and #Zhongshan hospitals, were able to try out our customized metal jigs in simulated real-life cases. The precision and metal-built durability of our jigs serve as a confidence boost for younger surgeons.

Workshop aside, our management team and bioengineers took part in The Hong Kong University - Shenzhen Hospital's (香港大学深圳医院) orthopaedic forum, exchanging the latest ideas in related fields of study.

Collaboration with Sodick

This month, our management team visited Sodick Co., Ltd.'s production site in #Japan to learn about the latest available technology in additive manufacturing.

To commemorate our partnership to improve surgical outcomes with 3D-printing since 2020, Koln 3D presented a sample of our #pelvic #implant with its accompanying #porous #screw to #Sodick, as we look ahead to more upcoming collaborations.

HKEJ Tech article

Koln 3D has been featured on HKEJ Tech.

The article discussed the future of medical science with AI, 3D-printing and VR, in face of an aging population, while our research collaboration with HKUMed, as well as our recent cases in Kazakhstan have been highlighted as examples.

Full article: https://ejtech.hkej.com/?p=138324

ArcInfo.ch article

Thank you ArcInfo.ch for publishing an introductory article on our customized medical metal 3D-printing research work.

Our Drug Carrying Bone Plate (DCBP), jointly developed with HKUMed, aims to provide instant post-operative pain relief for patients. We look to extend our foundations of doctor-bioengineer collaboration in Switzerland and Europe, bringing many more possibilities in healthcare treatment and rehabilitative medicine to life.

Full article: https://lnkd.in/g6UsSbAS

Koln3D Technology SA inauguration & MoU signing

Our Switzerland branch, Koln3D Technology SA, held the inauguration ceremony of its new production site in La Chaux-de-Fonds, on September 6.

In the presence of representatives from the City of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Microcity, Neuchâtel and the Canton of Neuchâtel, amongst visiting healthcare professionals and twenty guests, we were happy to complete the signing of the memorandum of understanding with GF Machining Solutions.

We will work closely with our partners in Switzerland and Europe to provide innovative customized 3D-printed medical solutions for the region.

CDIA Y-We (Youth work experience) Programme 2023

This summer, Koln 3D teamed up with CDIA once again to offer work placement to youths via its Y-We (Youth work experience) programme.

We welcomed five F.4-6 students on the week-long work experience programme, after taking part initially on our introductory tour last weekend.

For the programme, we introduce an interactive game that illustrates the cross-disciplinary nature of our work, enhancing their understanding of the different aspects of bioengineering, as well as encouraging creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. The students also engaged in a hands-on session with 3D scanning, gaining firsthand experience with its role in our work.

As always, we are excited to witness the enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by the students throughout the programme. Their active participation and eagerness to learn have been inspiring. We believe that this combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience will provide them with a foundation for their study and career paths.

We extend our gratitude to CDIA for their continuous support and collaboration in making this programme possible.

KazIOR x HKUMed x Koln 3D: Improving surgical outcomes in Kazakhstan

It has been almost a year since we successfully completed our first case in Kazakhstan, and we are thrilled to report the patient has resumed full weight-bearing walking, nine months after a steady and encouraging recovery.

This cross-border achievement was made possible through the joint efforts of HKUMed – The University of Hong Kong, KazIOR and Koln 3D, where we were able to perform a limb-preserving surgery on a young patient suffering from pelvic cancer, using a patient-matched implant set.

Undertaking such a challenging surgery, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, was no easy feat. We extend our gratitude to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and HKSTP - Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation for their invaluable support. By working together, we have not only saved lives but also improved the surgical outcomes of our patients.

Introductory video of our first pelvic cancer case in Kazakhstan: https://youtu.be/Vz9XFsgWu10

Workplace Tour

This Wednesday we welcomed students from St. Francis Xavier’s Secondary School to our manufacturing site in MARS Centre, Taipo.

During the tour, we showcased our machinery and some of our recent product samples, with the aim of providing the students with an engaging experience as part of their STEM education.

We look to offer a fruitful outing that would leave a lasting impression on the students, demonstrating the practical results that can be achieved through the application of science and technology.

Biomedical Technology (BMT) Flagship Exhibitions

Following up to the biomedical technology (BMT) flagship exhibitions in May, namely the HA Convention and Hong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Fair, we were happy to present to Hospital Authority visitors our ongoing development and recent cases, at the forum organized by the HKSTP - Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation last week.

As always, it has been a pleasure for us to meet and communicate the needs and expectations for medical devices with our public health experts.

BrightMD Fair

From today until this Friday (20-23/6), we are exhibiting at the BrightMD Fair at AsiaWorld-Expo with HK3DPA.

We are presenting our latest sternum implant sample here for the first time. Made of lightweight and durable titanium, this implant was successfully used in a complex cancer surgery in early May. Visit us today to discover our range of surgical outcome improving products.

BrightMD Fair:
Date: Jun 20-23
Time: 10:00-17:30
Venue: Hall 3, AsiaWorld-Expo
Booth: 3D31

Exhibition website: https://lnkd.in/gHYfXtwd

Sing Tao and Unwire Interview

Behind the scenes for today's interview with Sing Tao and Unwire, where Edmond discussed some of our latest pelvic cases in Hong Kong and Kazakhstan, and showed the visitors around our newly constructed clean room and training centre.

EFORT Annual Congress 2023

Koln 3D are exhibiting at the EFORT Annual Congress 2023 (24-26/5) in Vienna, Austria.

It is truly a great experience for us, as this is one of the most prominent platform for European orthopaedics to exchange knowledge, connect with professionals around the globe, and identify future trends in O&T.

Business Digest x BOC Connect Interview

Edmond has been featured on the first episode of Business Digest and BOC Connect's newly launched Digital Health web programme, where he talks about the establishment and early years of Koln 3D, the recent cross-border success of our partial pelvic replacement cases in Kazakhstan, as well as our latest ventures in the GBA region and Europe.
Tune in the hear the full story! (Interview begins at 05'20")

Awards at Geneva Inventions 2023

Koln 3D's drug carrying bone plate (DCBP) and bone fusion screw with customized pores have been awarded Gold and Silver Medals respectively at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva.

We'd like to thank the organizers, our partners and friends for the recognition and support. This means a great deal to us as we continue to bring more innovative medical solutions to life.

Congratulations to the team for the wonderful effort and achievement. Thank you for making this happen.

48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva

This year, Koln 3D enters the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva with two of our latest innovations.

The drug carrying bone plate (DCBP), is designed to meet different clinical needs by providing a customized delivery platform for various types of therapeutic agents. It has built-in microfl­uidic-based release mechanism, allowing optimal drug release over a controlled period. The DCBP is our solution to post-operative pain.

Our bone fusion screw, developed initially for pelvic implantation cases, is designed to promote bone growth with its customized pores, as well as strengthening bone fi­xation. Its self-tapping screw helps with pre-drilling, effectively preserving bones and tissues.

Koln 3D PSIs are designed to be customizable, compatible, and dependable. With the joint efforts of doctors and bioengineers, we look to realize inventive ideas to improve surgical outcomes.

Site visits with GF Machining Solutions

We are delighted to meet our friends from GF Machining Solutions across Switzerland and Hong Kong.

It has been a pleasure to show our machinery suppliers around our production sites in EPFL, Lausanne and MARS Centre, Hong Kong. Looking forward to more future collaborations!

8th Hong Kong International Orthopaedic Forum

Last weekend (Apr 22-23), we kick-started our exhibition season at the 18th Hong Kong International Orthopaedic Forum (HKIOF) at HKU.

We were proud to showcase our latest orthopaedic and maxillofacial implants and PSIs at the Forum, as well as engaging with healthcare experts and demonstrating the benefits of our personalized 3D-printed products.

Please stayed tune for more details of our upcoming exhibitions:
Apr 26-30: 48th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions (Palexpo, Geneva)
May 16-17: HA Convention 2023 (HKCEC, Hong Kong)
May 16-18: Medical Fair 2023 (HKCEC, Hong Kong)
May 24-26: 24th EFORT Congress Vienna (REED Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center, Vienna)

We hope to see you around!

Innopreneur Experience Journey 2023

Following the success from last year, Koln 3D took part in hosting the 2nd Cohort of Innopreneur Experience Journey, co-organized by Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) and HKSTP.

During their 2-day work placement, our student participants went through the design and manufacture process of medical 3D-printing, getting on-the-job experience on 3D-scanning, 3D-design and electropolishing, as well as printing a phone stand souvenir of their own designs.

As always, our youth participants are creative, industrious, and a joy to work with. We hope this event has shown everyone the many possibilities in local I&T reindustrialization!

The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital visit

A welcoming return to normalcy: HKU-SZ Hospital and Koln 3D representatives at The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital, following a fruitful visit this March.

Koln 3D SA (Switzerland branch) soft opening

Soft opening of our new branch at the EPFL of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Thank you everyone for the great support and making this happen!

EDigest Interview

Our latest interview is now published on EDigest (經濟一週), where Edmond talks about our developments in Hong Kong and beyond, as well as the exciting future of on-site 3D-printing and bioprinting.


Sing Tao and Headline Daily Interview

Our interview with Sing Tao and Headline Daily News has now been published.

We were glad to share with our visitors the progressive developments of Koln 3D’s designs, our latest pelvic oncology cases in Kazakhstan and our commitment in promoting 3D printing amongst our youths.

The full article is available here: https://paper.stheadline.com/index.php?product=Headline&issue=20230203&vol=2023020300&token=033135207985b594&page=16

Jan 2023 Events

It has been an eventful January at Koln 3D. The company exhibited at Hong Kong Academy of Medicine's (HKAM) Tripartite Medical Education Conference 2023, connecting with doctors and medical educators of various specializations.

Besides from exhibiting, we welcomed a few of our media partners, including, Singtao, BoCHK and Economic Digest, to our manufacturing site at InnoPark, Taipo. These have been wonderful opportunities for us to promote our work and progress to the greater public.

Please check out some of the sneak peeks below and stay tuned for the full publications.

Koln 3D Year in Review: 2022

Hello 2023! The past year has been a journey of moving forward, packed with challenges and perks. Here are some of the highlights at Koln 3D.

At the beginning of 2022, we moved our production site to Innopark, Taipo, and introduced new machineries and services. Meanwhile, our Training Centre is near completion, and we are excited to host our first 3D printing seminar at the new site this summer.

Last September, we completed our first maxillofacial case, utilizing titanium printed PSIs for an orbital surgery in Hong Kong. Globally, Koln 3D extended its one-stop surgical solutions to cancer patients in Kazakhstan, realized with the joint effort with HKUMed and Kazakh Institute of Oncology and Radiology (KazIOR). In Europe, we made our first appearance at MEDICA - Leading International Trade Fair, as we continue to gather momentum for international development.

Cases and exhibitions aside, we held a series of workshops and programmes for our community. It was a joy to share our work and to involve the public and our youths.

Thank you for all the support and recognition. Wishing you all a great start to the New Year.

BIOHK 2022

Koln 3D exhibited at the BIOHK 2022 last week.

We showcased our latest development in Kazakhstan with our pelvic oncology solutions, as well as our newest titanium maxillofacial PSIs and line-up of surgical jigs. Other than 3D-printed metal products, our corrective braces, custom-printed in nylon, were also on display.

Exhibits aside, our Medical Consultant, Dr. Tse, delivered a talk at the event symposium on the developments of 3D-printing and precision medicine.

Formnext 2022 and +GF+ Site Visit

As part of our EU business trip, Koln 3D took the opportunity to visit one of the largest AM industry platforms, Formnext 2022, in Frankfurt, where some of our latest case samples were on display with GF Machining Solutions, our machinery supplier.

Produced with the DMP series specialized in titanium 3D-printing, our orbital floor implants were able to achieve minimal thickness with strong mechanical properties. With thorough one-stop surgical planning, the actual surgery time was reduced by 50%.

Back in Switzerland, we enjoyed the hospitality of our friends when we visited GF’s manufacturing site. It has been an inspiring trip throughout. A big thank you to everyone involved!

MEDICA Trade Fair 2022

In November, Koln 3D made its debut at the MEDICA Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.

With the various cases and experience accumulated in Hong Kong and Asia, we look to introduce our vision of patient-matched, localized one-stop solution to Europe. Through well-established collaborations between doctors and bioengineers, Koln 3D delivers case-specific medical devices, including bone implants, surgical jigs, and customized instruments, with tailor-made precision to improve surgical outcomes and speed-up recoveries.

Hong Kong Awards for Industries 2021-22

Koln 3D’s Trio-robotic Machining System has been awarded a Certificate of Merit (Equipment and Machinery Design) at the Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI).

Our post-processing system is equipped with three synchronized high-function robotic arms, offering one-stop machining solution for medical devices. The use of CO2 gas with biodiesel in place of traditional coolants, provides a more environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.

We would like to thank HKAI and Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA) for recognizing our pursuit in enhancing competitiveness and service quality through advanced, high value-added technology.

Hong Kong Corporate Innovation Index (CII) Awards Presentation Ceremony and Forum 2022

Koln 3D has been named “Two-star SME” at the Hong Kong Corporate Innovation Index (CII) Awards Presentation Ceremony and Forum 2022.

Being the first of its kind in Hong Kong, CII is designed to provide an innovation management and assessment tool that encourages innovation culture and promotes technology achievements in companies.

We are honoured to be selected among 200 participating SMEs and would like to thank the organizers at CUHK Business School for their recognition.

HKOA 2022 (5-6 Nov)

Programme: HKOA 2022
Date: 5-6 November 2022 (Sat-Sun)
Time: 10:00-16:30
Venue: Booth L01, Room S423, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

This coming weekend (5-6 Nov), Koln 3D will be exhibiting at the Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association Annual Congress (HKOA 2022) in HKCEC, Wanchai.

Come visit us and learn about our latest cases in orthopaedics and maxillofacial surgery, visitors could try out our current product customization process. We will also showcase the design progress of our 3D modelling software for jigs, and introduce our upcoming Metal 3D Printing Workshop in early 2023.

Stay tuned!

Event page and registration: http://hkoa.org/HKOA42/

HK3DPA x HKCS visit

We hosted a factory tour for a group of F.3-F.6 students, in a programme jointly held by Hong Kong 3D Printing Association (HK3DPA) and Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS) – Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club.

During the 1-hr tour, students were able to learn the basics of medical 3D printing, understand the collaborative process between doctors and engineers from design to clinical application, as well as catching a glimpse of our Titanium 3D printer and Trio-robotics system at work. The programme was concluded with a practice session, where participants were able to try out their designs at the 3D printing workshop later that day.

We were encouraged by the students’ enthusiasm (along with some very sensible questions on study paths). We hope we offered a bit of insight for everyone to take home, and have opened up options for our youths in career choices.

HK3DPA website: https://hk3dpa.org/
HKCS website: https://www.hkcs.org/

HKIE MIS Annual Conference and Gala Dinner

Koln 3D took part in The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) Manufacturing, Industrial & Systems Division (MIS) Annual Conference and Gala Dinner last week, where Edmond was one of the guest speakers.

While “Reindustrialization” was the topic in focus, we too appreciate the resources invested into local I&T this past decade. The infrastructural and technological support have opened new doors for us at InnoPark in Taipo, including the setup of a clean room and an interactive training centre for surgeons and engineers. Ongoing projects include the assembly of an automated production line with the incorporation of robotics.

We will continue to work closely with HKSTP - Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks CorporationHKPC - Hong Kong Productivity Council, ITF and other partnership institutions, bringing in new talents and innovations to the manufacturing industry.

SPRINTER Grand Demo Day

Koln 3D joined the SPRINTER Grand Demo Day at InnoCentre in September. Edmond was one of the panelists at the fireside chat, “Empowering Expansion & Industry Transformation”, joined by HKSTP - Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation rep, Mr Michael Au, and local logistics experts, Mr James Leung (Geek+) and Mr Joey Cheung (UFL Group). The focus was on the process of trial and error along the journey of corporate innovation and transformation.

Co-creation is the key to a healthy evolving innofacture ecosystem. We hereby look ahead to many more sustainable partnerships to take the industry forward.


This year’s Biomedical Innovation and Outreach Programme (B.I.O.2022) has come to a great conclusion. The Programme is an initiative by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, HKU, aiming to connect young biomedical researchers to local enterprises, engineers, and mentors via outreach activities.

Koln 3D is happy to be one of B.I.O.2022’s industry partners, hosting a site visit for students in June, while company CEO, Edmond, shared career insights at the Mentor Chat Room session. A big round of applause for everyone committed in building up a supportive mentor-mentee network to foster a sustainable future for the biomedical community!

Event highlights: https://lnkd.in/gVm_K6GW

Innopreneur Experience Journey (18-19 Aug)

We are proud to be one of the I&T company hosts for Innopreneur Experience Journey, a student programme jointly organised by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (@fhki_hk) and HKSTP (@hksciencepark).

Last Friday (19/8), we welcomed 30+ students and FHKI reps to our production site at INNOPARK (MARS Centre, Taipo), introducing the infinite world of 3D printing to our young and bright minds, while two of the participating students came onboard for a day of job shadowing and a trial session of AI-assisted graphic design. We hope this journey will inspire their interest in biomedical engineering, and open up a new perspective beyond traditional career options.

MoU signing with Department of O&T, CUHK

We are glad to have signed a MoU with the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of CUHK. This marks a continuation of our collaboration on 3D metal addictive layer manufacturing (Metal ALM) in orthosis, orthopaedic models and implants.

With the set-up of data libraries, Koln 3D is confident this partnership will speed up research and application of 3D computer programming. We look forward to bringing more cases into production with the enhanced collaboration between doctors and engineers.

5th Seminar on Materials and Processes for the Orthopaedics, Changzhou

Koln 3D exhibited with GF Machining Solutions at the recent “5th Seminar on Materials and Processes for the Orthopaedics” in Changzhou, China. We showcased our patient-matched surgical implants, cutting jigs and Ti samples amongst 70 exhibitors, while selected landmark cases were presented to the conference participants, illustrating the advancement and possibilities of additive manufacturing.

We appreciate the help from GF Machining Solutions for the logistical arrangements, this has truly been a great opportunity for us to reach out to a wider audience in China.

Talus PSI (3rd Gen.)

Koln 3D’s Talus PSIs (3rd gen.) have been used in total talus replacement surgeries since early 2022.

Our 3rd gen. patient-matched talus implant assumed its predecessor’s scaffolding core structure design, while adding on an external porous structure to help with bone and ligament regrowth.

Koln 3D offered one-stop solution from surgical planning to product delivery, working closely with the surgeon to refine the design within the limited timeframe.

We'd like to thank everyone for the team effort in speeding up the recovery process for patients.

CUHK Presentation

It has been a real privilege and a pleasure to be able to share some of our experiences in metal printing and robotic post-processing at CUHK.

It was a great opportunity for us to explain our workflow and design process to doctors and academics, as well as exploring the possibilities of new projects. We are always open to new designs and collaborations, looking to bring ideas to life in clinical applications with the latest innovation.

HKSTP Innovator’s Wall

Edmond (Found & CEO, KOLN 3D) is currently featured at the Innovator’s Wall in Hong Kong Science Park (Atrium Link, Hong Kong Science Park), as part of HKSTP’s 20th Anniversary commemorations. This is testimonial to our effort for transforming ideas into innofacturing, set in motion by the staunch support from HKSTP. This unique growth culture that values ecosystem stakeholders as business partners, has seen the flourishment of many innovative start-ups.

Whilst Hong Kong’s R&D and Innovation & Technology (I&T) have been highlighted in the country’s 14th Five-Year-Plan, along with the opportunities and support presented at the Greater Bay Area (GBA), we look forward to continuing this great partnership and aspiring younger generation to co-create a I&T-enabled future together.

Website featurette: https://lnkd.in/eEuTJj9i

CDIA (Child Development Initiative Alliance) web series & Y-WE work placement

This month, Edmond appeared on CDIA’s (Child Development Initiative Alliance) web series to share with students his own career path, as well as his insights in the 3D-printing industry.

The full web programme could be seen here: https://lnkd.in/eidXgZFy

Early July, we will welcome two DSE students to Koln 3D via CDIA’s Y-WE #work #placement programme. This is a good opportunity for everyone (including summer interns!) to give a summary of our work and show our week-long colleagues a good time.

CDIA is an initiative by the business community, set up to provide career related exposure for youths in need, as an effort to eliminate inter-generational poverty. More information could be found on CDIA's facebook website: https://lnkd.in/gGvZRWu7

Koln 3D Seminar: Additive Manufacturing in Orthopedic Surgery

Koln 3D hosted a seminar series on Additive Manufacturing in Orthopedic Surgery this month in Geneva, Switzerland. The applications and benefits of customized 3D printed surgical implants and instruments have been discussed, where the biocompatibility and biomechanical performance of 3D printed metal alloys were highlighted. Relevant case studies sparked positive response from local surgeons, while the transformative future of semi-auto/full-auto orthopaedics surgical planning is one to look forward to.

A big thank you to everyone who helped to realize this event!

MARS Centre showroom

Renovation work at our MARS Centre site is in its final stage, here’s a glimpse of our new showroom.

Koln 3D’s summer internship programme kicked off this week, as we move into our new office. Our new titanium-printing machine is expected to complete calibration in the coming weeks, while the incorporated 3D-printing training centre for surgeons and engineers will open later this year. Exciting times ahead!

Titanium Alloy Prototypes

Titanium alloy is now among our range of 3D-printing materials. Renowned for its lightweight, high mechanical strength and superior corrosion resistance, Ti is prominently used in high-performance medical and aerospace products.

We have produced our first Ti prototypes for spinal and maxillofacial surgeries. The maxillofacial implant (upper jawbone plate) sample is based on a completed craniofacial reconstruction case in Dec 2021, where Koln 3D assisted in surgical planning, designing a PSI to fixate autograft and prevent dislocation. This is a step outside of orthopaedics as we vouch to improve surgical outcomes with personalized treatment in different areas.

MARS Centre Relocation

A first look at our new production site at MARS Centre, Taipo!

This production site boosts over 10,000 sq. ft. of workspace, features separate areas for our 3D-printing machinery and post-production robotic systems. The main machines have been moved in earlier this month, as final installations are currently underway.

We look forward to hosting our first 3D-printing course at the new site's interactive training centre, scheduled this summer, where as many as 30 participants could get a hands-on experience on our 3D-printed products.

Phoenix TV Interview (Mar 2022)

Our interview with Phoenix TV is now online, here’s an excerpt of the programme.

Koln 3D Founder & CEO, Edmond, retold the story of the company’s foundation at HKSTP, and our outlook on medical manufacturing following our move to MARS Centre, Taipo.

Meanwhile, CTO Haoran shared his experience and observations regarding HK’s I&T industries. We believe the increasing input towards innovative technologies, will provide a larger playground for the up-and-coming talents of the city, ultimately contributing to the advancement in medical production.

Full programme available here: http://share.fengshows.com/program.html?id=647830e8-19e1-4f27-9376-2c8b57feedd7&channelID=r06&time=1647086469.619302

SCMP Interview

Behind the scenes from our SCMP interview and photoshoot on 18 Jan!

Speaking with the SCMP team, our Deputy COO, Dr. Sun Haoran, shared our story of development at the HKSTP and explained the strategic move to MARS Centre, Taipo, “The InnoPark [concept] creates the space for these companies...Industry can grow because companies have the people to create ideas, the space to transform ideas into products and the capital to expand.” We believe the move would provide a new ground for young professionals and researchers to actualise their talents and ideas.

Besides from expanding our R&D team and product lines, KOLN 3D will be offering 3D-printing training programmes for medical professionals at MARS Centre, as a continuous effort to make medical 3D-printing accessible and affordable.

The published article could be read here:

The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva: Special Edition 2022

Koln 3D will be making an appearance at The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva this March, for the 5th year in a row.

This year’s Special Edition of Geneva Inventions will be held exclusively online, as a measure to promote innovation amid times under the pandemic. Our Trio-Robotic Machining System will enter the competition via a short video, among 1,000 other market-ready inventions around the globe.

FHKI TechDay

At the robotic-themed FHKI TechDay on 13 Dec, we showcased some of the latest outputs by our Trio-Robotic Machining System and connected with manufacturing experts in the field.

Koln 3D’s Trio-Robotic Machining System features three synchronized robotic arms with full automation, equipped with ISO10 Spindle – up to 60000RPM and 8 DoF machining functionality.

Environmental sustainability has been a key consideration in our company’s development. The system has hence been designed to reduce process pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions, with the help of a DRY lubrication system.

INNOPARK Activation Ceremony

Koln 3D took part in the INNOPARK Activation Ceremony on 26 Nov.

In Q1 2022, we will relocate our production site to MARS Centre in Taipo, a refurbished industrial complex for medical manufacturing.

With 5 times the working space, we will be able to raise our production capacity and efficiency. MARS Centre will serve as a solid base for medical innovation, with a focus on production.

HTO Workshop

Our HTO workshop (co-hosted with DePuy Synthes) at the HKIOF on Sunday (28/11), has concluded with positive feedbacks.

In this workshop attended by 10+ surgeons, we introduced the imaging and pre-operative planning of 3D printed patient specific HTO instruments and the technical pearls of our metal jigs. Expert surgeons demonstrated good practice to minimize common errors and deviations, where KOLN 3D surgical jigs were utilized for hands-on cutting practice for all participants. Results were discussed and evaluated.

We were glad to share our technology and offer product trials to everyone who took part. Thank you all for such a wonderful contribution.

HKUOrtho 60th Anniversary Gala Dinner

We joined the HKUOrtho 60th Anniversary Gala Dinner on 27 Nov.

It has been a cosy evening retreat, catching up with friends and collaborators in orthopaedics and bioengineering.

Hong Kong International Orthopaedic Forum

This weekend (Nov 27-28), Koln 3D exhibits at the 17th Hong Kong International Orthopaedic Forum at HKU.

Aside from the exhibition, we are also hosting a joint hands-on workshop alongside Depuy Synthes on Sunday. Here surgeons can experience firsthand KOLN 3D’s patient-specific jigs in simulated HTO surgeries, appraising the improvements in precision and efficiency for themselves.

IntechOpen Publication

We are glad to announce that, after much in-depth editing, our essay "Additive Manufacturing in Customized Medical Device" has been reviewed and published on the open access research platform, IntechOpen. (DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.101139)

HKOA 41st Annual Congress

This weekend (Nov 6 - 7), Koln 3D exhibits at the HKOA 41st Annual Congress at HKCEC, showcasing our patient-specific surgical jigs along with our newest cases.

We look forward to a weekend of insights, meeting medical experts and manufacturers in the field.

We have two more exhibitions coming up in late Nov, stay tuned!

KazIOR and Koln 3D sign Cooperation Agreement

Koln 3D has signed a Cooperation Agreement with Kazakhstan's leading oncology research institute, KazIOR, at the Belt & Road Summit 2021. KazIOR is looking to introduce Koln 3D's medical 3D printing technologies to the country, as an effort to modernise bone tumour surgeries with patient-specific implants.

Our first collaborated total hip arthroplasty case is currently in progress. Training workshops will be held by our engineering and medical experts in Kazakhstan. Both parties are looking forward to a fruitful and long-term partnership.


Youth Program 2021

Here at Koln 3D, we are committed to nurturing young people and vowed to provide career opportunities for aspiring youths from all backgrounds.

This summer, we took part in the "Job Shadowing Scheme" and "Youth Work Explorer Program (Y-WE)". It has been a delightful two weeks for us, introducing the limitless world of 3D printing to our interns, while getting pleasantly surprised by their quick learning in return.

We would like to thank all of our interns, wishing them all the best for a bright future.

SPRINTER 2 Cohort 2 Launch Ceremony

We shared the successful formation of our new partnership with Israel-based company PrintSyst, which specialises in AI (digital twin) and 3D printing developments. Koln 3D is always looking to collaborate with like-minded, high-calibre innovators to improve manufacturing efficiency and precision.

Arab Health 2021 (21-24 June)

Koln 3D Switzerland Sàrl showcased its customised medical devices at the Arab Health exhibition, sharing the experience from the many surgical cases in recent years.

Paper presentation at the 5th International Conference on Robotics and Automation Sciences (ICRAS 2021)

We presented the newest developments of our Tri-robot project at the ICRAS 2021, including the design and installation of the foundation base, as well as the calibration outcome with the benchmark part.

Summer Internship Programme 2021

This summer we welcome eight summer interns to join Koln 3D, assisting in R&D and marketing developments. We kick-started our programme with a 3-day orientation course, providing new colleagues with a full picture of our company.

Geneva Inventions Awards Presentation Ceremony

Koln 3D's innovative surgical device, the Omni-clamp, brought home a silver medal from the Special Edition of International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva.

Wheelock Session – I&T-Driven Re-Industrialisation

Our CEO, Edmond, participated in the Wheelock Session, sharing the development plans of Koln 3D at the upcoming production hub, MARS Centre, Taipo (Est. completion date: Q1 2022) and discussing the potential of custom-made medical devices.

Paper presentation at the 6th International Conference on Control and Robotics Engineering (ICCRE)

We presented our findings on "Kinematic Modelling of a Tri Robot Machining Cell" at the ICCRE2021.

HKPC Forum – Accelerating Reindustrialisation in HK

We shared the major projects and funding that helped shape our company, and our outlook on the future of orthopaedics, metal 3D printing and decentralised manufacturing.

ISO13485:2016 Certification

After a thorough process of auditing, the company acquires its ISO13485:2016 certification, as a continuous effort in setting standards for quality assurance in a relatively new industry.

Hospital Authority Webinar

Company sharing on 3D medical printing and insights on GBA outlooks on HA Webinar session. (Jan 2021)

Future Production Site – MARS Centre

Koln 3D's rental tender for the refurbished MARS Centre at Tai Po Industrial Estate has been approved. Our current production site at HKSTP will be relocated to Tai Po. With 5-times the working space, new machines, production lines and jobs will be introduced. We expect enhanced consistency and efficiency with production, as well as an increased variety of research/educational projects with our collaborators.

PSTS COVID-19 project

Koln 3D devised an anti-infection face shield with enhanced vision and comfort under PSTS COVID-19 project funding. Public trial and product refinement are ongoing from April 2020 to March 2021, samples have been distributed to healthcare professionals as well as the general public.

Koln 3D Switzerland Establishment

Koln 3D has established its first branch in Europe, setting up office in Geneva, Switzerland in October 2020. We are actively seeking out collaborations with educational/research institutions.

Hospital Visit: Zhuhai People’s Hospital (Hengqin Branch)

Koln 3D management and R&D team hospital visit in Zhuhai to seek out research partnership. (Jan 2020)

2019 Life Buddies Mentoring Portal

Our first participation in Life Buddies Mentoring Portal in 2019.

ESS project 2019

Signing Ceremony of our second successful application in the Enterprise Support Scheme.

STEM Education in Diocesan Girls’ School

It was our pleasure to meet a teacher from Diocesan Girls’ School in Geneva during April 2020. He invited us to their school for introducing our technology in medical 3D metal printing as STEM education.

Visiting Southern Medical University Shenzhen Hengsheng Hospital

Shenzhen Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 2019 Annual Meeting

We were invited by Prof. Cai Hong, who we first met in the Greater Bay Area conference in April 2019, to participate in Shenzhen Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 2019 Annual Meeting, where we introduce the latest use of metal printed cutting jigs, as the common practice in Guangdong Province is to use plastic cutting jigs.

Product Launching Conference in Chiang Mai

We organized a launching conference with our associate doctor in Chiang Mai to review the recovery progress of the patient receiving the metal talus implant operation in December 2018.

HKEAIA Annual General Meeting 2019

Appointed as Member of Support and Consultation Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises

We are appointed by Trade and Industry Department in Hong Kong as a member of the Support and Consultation Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises. We hope to share our experience in tackling challenges regarding marketing and application within the groups. Besides, we reflect our situation and opinions to Trade and Industry Department, so that the department could improve their future policies towards local small and medium enterprises.

Additive Next 2019 by Sandvik & Siemens

Exchange Activities organise by HKSTP

Greater Bay Area Orthopedics 3D Printing Application Conference

In April 2019, we associated with the health department and hospitals in Zuhai and two hospitals in Hong Kong to organize the first orthopedics 3D metal printing conference in Greater Bay Area.

This conference assembled representatives from difference hospitals in Greater Bay Area, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Foshan as participants and guest speakers. Also, we were honoured to have Dr. Cai Hong from Beijing with us to deliver a meaningful speech.

Visiting The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 3D printing centre

47th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva

In 12th April 2019, we earned a Gold Medal with Jury Congratulations and a Silver Medal in International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, which was our second participation in this event.

Interviewed by Medicine Online

Medicine Online from Now TV filmed and broadcasted our production and application of Metal Jigs in surgeries.

South China Morning Post on January 12, 2019

Visiting Bangkok University

Talus surgery in Thailand

10th Executive Committee Inauguration Ceremony by The Professional Validation Council of Hong Kong Industries

Hong Kong Awards For Industries Awards Presentation Ceremony 2018

25th Anniversary Hong Kong Academy of Medicine

The 7th China Innovations & Entrepreneurship Competition of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit 2018

Our First Appearance on Local Press: HKEJ StartupBeat

We are honoured to be interviewed by StartupBeat from Hong Kong Economic Journal on 9th August, 2018. This was our first appearance in the local press.


The 7th iCAT International Conference on Additive technologies

Visiting Chiang Mai University

The 10th Internatonal Exhibition of Inventions and the 3rd World Invention and Innovation Forum

HK International Interdisciplinary Clinical 3D Printing Forum 2018

A forum where doctors, allied healthcare professionals, nurses, engineers, students and the industry gather to share their expertise on the latest medical 3D printing techniques and applications.

HKU Dentisty Retreat at HKSTP

The University of Hong Kong, faculty of dentistry, a topic of “retreat of research”, invite KOLN3D to held a talk about “Metal 3D Printing Used in Medical Implants”. KOLN3D is pleasure to present the samples in dentistry with using 3D printing technology.

Inter hospital meeting

KOLN 3D Technology (Medical) Limited is the metal 3D printing manufacture in Hong Kong. KOLN3D sponsor an inter hospital meeting regarding Foot and Ankle Chapter which is hosted by HONG KONG Orthopaedic Association.

Hong Kong LegCo Visit HKSTP

On 2018.May.29, there are two legislative council members who are Hon CHAN Han-pan, JP, and Hon CHAN Hak-kan, BBS, JP visit HKSTP and they may bring some district council members and assistants to come. KOLN 3D was invited 45 mins presentation.

Finland Medical Event

The NORDIC3DEXPO exhibition, the Original Exhibition of 3D printing and 3D technologies, is the first exhibition of its kind in Scandinavia and Northern Europe to focus on 3D printing and 3D technologies.It took place for the first time at Energia Areena in Vantaa, Finland.


Geneva Competition

The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva is the most important inventions exhibition in the world, with 1000 new inventions and products, 700 exhibitors from 40 countries, 57000 visitors from all 5 continents, 650 journalists, and benefits from the most extensive support and privileges that can be granted to an exhibition. It is under the patronage of the Swiss Federal Government, the State, the City of Geneva and of the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO. KOLN 3D won the silver medal in the category of “Medicine – Surgery – Orthopaedics – Material for disabled”.


Hong Kong ICT Competition

The Hong Kong ICT Awards aims at recognising and promoting outstanding information and communications technology (ICT) inventions and applications, thereby encouraging innovation and excellence among Hong Kong’s ICT talents and enterprises in their constant pursuit of creative and better solutions to meet business and social needs.

The Hong Kong ICT Awards was established in 2006 with the collaborative efforts of the industry, academia and the Government. Steered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, and organised by Hong Kong ICT industry associations and professional bodies, the Awards aims at building a locally espoused and internationally acclaimed brand of ICT awards.

There are eight categories under the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2018. There will be one Grand Award in each category, and an “Award of the Year” will be selected from the eight Grand Awards by the Grand Judging Panel.

KOLN3D won the merit prize 2018.


Experience Sharing Symposium on 3D Printing of End Products & Functional Prototypes

HKPC held this symposium is aiming at enhancing knowledge and confidence of SMEs to acquire and adopt the advanced 3D printing technology based on feasible business solutions in terms of cost considerations, product categories and features that can be implemented locally. KOLN3D is invited as a speaker for the “Experience Sharing Symposium on 3D Printing of End Products and Functional Prototypes”

Titanium Machine arrive Koln 3d

Waiting for 9 months, #2 set dedicated Ti-metal 3D printing machinery finally has been arrived in KOLN 3D factory in Hong Kong. Opened a new blue-sea market for KOLN3D medical business.

金屬激光造型復合加工 醫療機械論壇

This Conference will be a joint effort of the universities from Japan, and the manufacturers in collaboration with several medical care providers. KOLN3D is the first time to join the conference and become a member of the association accepted by the host.

Matsuura 2017Aug

Thanks for Matsuura, the manufacturer of Metal 3D machine, an invitation to their factory in Fukui-city, Japan.

ESS project

It is a major funding initiative under the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), which is designed to encourage the private sector to invest in research and development (R&D).

KOLN3d ESS project: Building of Orthopedic Implants with Inner super-lattic structure by integrated machining 3D Metal Laser Sintering Technology.