MARS Centre Relocation

A first look at our new production site at MARS Centre, Taipo!

This production site boosts over 10,000 sq. ft. of workspace, features separate areas for our 3D-printing machinery and post-production robotic systems. The main machines have been moved in earlier this month, as final installations are currently underway.

We look forward to hosting our first 3D-printing course at the new site's interactive training centre, scheduled this summer, where as many as 30 participants could get a hands-on experience on our 3D-printed products.

Phoenix TV Interview (Mar 2022)

Our interview with Phoenix TV is now online, here’s an excerpt of the programme.

KOLN 3D Founder & CEO, Edmond, retold the story of the company’s foundation at HKSTP, and our outlook on medical manufacturing following our move to MARS Centre, Taipo.

Meanwhile, CTO Haoran shared his experience and observations regarding HK’s I&T industries. We believe the increasing input towards innovative technologies, will provide a larger playground for the up-and-coming talents of the city, ultimately contributing to the advancement in medical production.

Full programme available here:

SCMP Interview

Behind the scenes from our SCMP interview and photoshoot on 18 Jan!

Speaking with the SCMP team, our Deputy COO, Dr. Sun Haoran, shared our story of development at the HKSTP and explained the strategic move to MARS Centre, Taipo, “The InnoPark [concept] creates the space for these companies...Industry can grow because companies have the people to create ideas, the space to transform ideas into products and the capital to expand.” We believe the move would provide a new ground for young professionals and researchers to actualise their talents and ideas.

Besides from expanding our R&D team and product lines, KOLN 3D will be offering 3D-printing training programmes for medical professionals at MARS Centre, as a continuous effort to make medical 3D-printing accessible and affordable.

The published article could be read here:

The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva: Special Edition 2022

Koln 3D will be making an appearance at The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva this March, for the 5th year in a row.

This year’s Special Edition of Geneva Inventions will be held exclusively online, as a measure to promote innovation amid times under the pandemic. Our Trio-Robotic Machining System will enter the competition via a short video, among 1,000 other market-ready inventions around the globe.

FHKI TechDay

At the robotic-themed FHKI TechDay on 13 Dec, we showcased some of the latest outputs by our Trio-Robotic Machining System and connected with manufacturing experts in the field.

Koln 3D’s Trio-Robotic Machining System features three synchronized robotic arms with full automation, equipped with ISO10 Spindle – up to 60000RPM and 8 DoF machining functionality.

Environmental sustainability has been a key consideration in our company’s development. The system has hence been designed to reduce process pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions, with the help of a DRY lubrication system.