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Koln 3D has been featured on HKEJ Tech.

The article discussed the future of medical science with AI, 3D-printing and VR, in face of an aging population, while our research collaboration with HKUMed, as well as our recent cases in Kazakhstan have been highlighted as examples.

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Thank you for publishing an introductory article on our customized medical metal 3D-printing research work.

Our Drug Carrying Bone Plate (DCBP), jointly developed with HKUMed, aims to provide instant post-operative pain relief for patients. We look to extend our foundations of doctor-bioengineer collaboration in Switzerland and Europe, bringing many more possibilities in healthcare treatment and rehabilitative medicine to life.

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Koln3D Technology SA inauguration & MoU signing

Our Switzerland branch, Koln3D Technology SA, held the inauguration ceremony of its new production site in La Chaux-de-Fonds, on September 6.

In the presence of representatives from the City of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Microcity, Neuchâtel and the Canton of Neuchâtel, amongst visiting healthcare professionals and twenty guests, we were happy to complete the signing of the memorandum of understanding with GF Machining Solutions.

We will work closely with our partners in Switzerland and Europe to provide innovative customized 3D-printed medical solutions for the region.

CDIA Y-We (Youth work experience) Programme 2023

This summer, Koln 3D teamed up with CDIA once again to offer work placement to youths via its Y-We (Youth work experience) programme.

We welcomed five F.4-6 students on the week-long work experience programme, after taking part initially on our introductory tour last weekend.

For the programme, we introduce an interactive game that illustrates the cross-disciplinary nature of our work, enhancing their understanding of the different aspects of bioengineering, as well as encouraging creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. The students also engaged in a hands-on session with 3D scanning, gaining firsthand experience with its role in our work.

As always, we are excited to witness the enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by the students throughout the programme. Their active participation and eagerness to learn have been inspiring. We believe that this combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience will provide them with a foundation for their study and career paths.

We extend our gratitude to CDIA for their continuous support and collaboration in making this programme possible.

KazIOR x HKUMed x Koln 3D: Improving surgical outcomes in Kazakhstan

It has been almost a year since we successfully completed our first case in Kazakhstan, and we are thrilled to report the patient has resumed full weight-bearing walking, nine months after a steady and encouraging recovery.

This cross-border achievement was made possible through the joint efforts of HKUMed – The University of Hong Kong, KazIOR and Koln 3D, where we were able to perform a limb-preserving surgery on a young patient suffering from pelvic cancer, using a patient-matched implant set.

Undertaking such a challenging surgery, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, was no easy feat. We extend our gratitude to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and HKSTP - Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation for their invaluable support. By working together, we have not only saved lives but also improved the surgical outcomes of our patients.

Introductory video of our first pelvic cancer case in Kazakhstan: