Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited strives to provide quality services and products to every customer, and respects the confidentiality and privacy of their personal data.


Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited recognizes that personal data it receives is held in a position of trust and the importance of their protection, and endeavors to comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“Ordinance”).

Please read this Privacy Policy Statement (“PPS”) which applies to all personal data collected or used by Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited and its affiliates (collectively referred to as “Koln 3D”, “our”, “we” or “us” hereinbelow). If you are a Koln 3D’s customer, there may be additional terms and conditions in your agreement entered into with us which may supplement or take precedence over the terms and conditions of the Statement.


1.1     Koln 3D may collect personal data of its existing or potential individual customers, suppliers and business partners (where they are corporate entities, their individual representatives) which is reasonably necessary for, or directly related to, any of our functions or activities (or any purposes directly related to them). Failure to provide such data may result in us being unable to provide our services or products or continue any transaction or collaboration as requested.

1.2     Koln 3D will also collect personal data from job candidates. Failure to provide such personal data may result in not being able to continue your candidacy for the job which you have applied.

1.3     Personal data collected may include name, address, contact number, identification document number, date of birth, gender, medical history, bank account details and/or education level.

1.4     Koln 3D may collect, store and/or process personal data of the customers of Koln 3D’s customers, solely on our customer’s behalf and pursuant to their direction. For such purposes, Koln 3D should not be considered as a data controller of such personal data, but only serves as a data processor. Koln 3D’s customers should be considered as the data controller of such personal data and are responsible for (i) complying with the Ordinance and any other relevant laws, regulations and codes of practice relating to collection, use and control of such personal data; and (ii) obtaining all requisite consents and permissions for collection and usage of such data.

1.5     Limited amount of personal data may be collected when you visit our website because your internet provider address needs to be recognized by our server. We do not use ‘cookies’. Koln 3D will not make it mandatory for visitors of our website to provide their personal data unless such data is required to answer a specific inquiry or provide a service.


2.1     Your personal data may be used only for purposes as follows:

  • verification of your identity;
  • answering your specific inquiries or respond to your complaint;
  • provision of our service or product to you;
  • marketing, promotion and advertising of any of our services or products to you upon your consent in accordance with the relevant requirements in the Ordinance;
  • our business operation, administration and planning;
  • carrying out due diligence;
  • assessment of job candidates;
  • compiling statistics, scientific research and study;
  • improving our services and products for supply to you;
  • checking your credit, payment and/or status and processing any payment instructions and any debit or credit facilities relating to our supply of services or products to you and/or enforcing our legal/contractual rights;
  • facilitating the daily operation of your account and/or the collection of any outstanding amounts in your account, including but not limited to engagement of debt collectors;
  • enabling us to comply with any obligations (including but not limited to statutory duties, obligations owed to third parties or government authorities) and industry practices relating to the supply of our services or products to you;
  • crime prevention or detection;
  • disclosure as permitted or required by law; and
  • any other purposes as may be agreed between you and Koln 3D, including the purposes set out in the relevant correspondence or agreements entered into by us with you for the supply of services or products.

2.2     Other than staff, affiliates, related companies and agents of Koln 3D for purposes directly related to any of our functions and activities aforesaid, we will not transfer your personal data to any unauthorized parties without your prior consent, unless such disclosure is permitted by law.

2.3     Personal data may also be disclosed to any person or persons pursuant to any statutory obligations or as required by a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction, subject to such person(s) being able to prove their right/authority for access to such information.


3.1     The retention period for personal data may vary depending on the circumstances of each case, but Koln 3D will not keep personal data longer than is reasonably necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose used for which the personal data is or is to be collected. After that time, your personal data will be erased.


4.1    Koln 3D takes reasonable precautions to ensure the personal data collected is accurate. But the accuracy depends on the information you provide and we recommend you to keep us updated of any changes by contacting our Administration Officer as per details below.

4.2     Koln 3D also take reasonable steps to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, interference, unauthorized access or disclosure.


5.1     By virtue of the Ordinance, Koln 3D will not use your personal data for purposes of direct marketing unless with your prior consent or request.

5.2     With your consent, Koln 3D may deliver to you direct marketing materials of our, our affiliates’ and/or related companies’ services and products (for example, promotional leaflets, newsletter, etc.), through your e-mail address, correspondence address, mobile phone number, telephone number and/or any other communication method as appropriate.

5.3     Should you wish Koln to cease using your personal data in direct marketing, you may at any time send your request to our Administration Department as per details below.


6.1     Koln 3D may, in its sole reasonable discretion, update the PPS at any time and from time to time. Any changes will be effective when posted on our website. Your continued use of our website and services will indicate your awareness of any changes to the PPS. All personal data collected both before and after any changes have taken effect will be subject to the terms of the then current policy for which you will be taken to have been provided with notice unless you indicate otherwise by contacting our Administration Officer as per details below or there are additional privacy terms and conditions in your agreement with us. We encourage you to refer back to this page and especially prior to providing us with any personal data.


7.1     Request for data access or correction should be made to our Administration Officer by post, e-mail or phone set out below:

Address: Administration Officer, Administration Department, Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited, Room 322, 3/F, Core Building 2, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 2818 2993

7.2      For handling a data access or correction request, Koln 3D needs to verify and be satisfied with the identity of the requester to ensure that he/she is the person legally entitled to make such request. A fee is chargeable by Koln 3D for complying with a data access request.


8.1     Should you have any enquiries concerning the PPS, please contact our Administration Officer as per the details above. You may visit the website of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data for more information about privacy rights at www,


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