EFORT Annual Congress 2023

Koln 3D are exhibiting at the EFORT Annual Congress 2023 (24-26/5) in Vienna, Austria.

It is truly a great experience for us, as this is one of the most prominent platform for European orthopaedics to exchange knowledge, connect with professionals around the globe, and identify future trends in O&T.

Business Digest x BOC Connect Interview

Edmond has been featured on the first episode of Business Digest and BOC Connect's newly launched Digital Health web programme, where he talks about the establishment and early years of Koln 3D, the recent cross-border success of our partial pelvic replacement cases in Kazakhstan, as well as our latest ventures in the GBA region and Europe.
Tune in the hear the full story! (Interview begins at 05'20")

Awards at Geneva Inventions 2023

Koln 3D's drug carrying bone plate (DCBP) and bone fusion screw with customized pores have been awarded Gold and Silver Medals respectively at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva.

We'd like to thank the organizers, our partners and friends for the recognition and support. This means a great deal to us as we continue to bring more innovative medical solutions to life.

Congratulations to the team for the wonderful effort and achievement. Thank you for making this happen.

48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva

This year, Koln 3D enters the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva with two of our latest innovations.

The drug carrying bone plate (DCBP), is designed to meet different clinical needs by providing a customized delivery platform for various types of therapeutic agents. It has built-in microfl­uidic-based release mechanism, allowing optimal drug release over a controlled period. The DCBP is our solution to post-operative pain.

Our bone fusion screw, developed initially for pelvic implantation cases, is designed to promote bone growth with its customized pores, as well as strengthening bone fi­xation. Its self-tapping screw helps with pre-drilling, effectively preserving bones and tissues.

Koln 3D PSIs are designed to be customizable, compatible, and dependable. With the joint efforts of doctors and bioengineers, we look to realize inventive ideas to improve surgical outcomes.

Site visits with GF Machining Solutions

We are delighted to meet our friends from GF Machining Solutions across Switzerland and Hong Kong.

It has been a pleasure to show our machinery suppliers around our production sites in EPFL, Lausanne and MARS Centre, Hong Kong. Looking forward to more future collaborations!