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ISO Certificate 13485:2016


Trio-robotic Machining System

  • ISO14644 Class 7 Air Cleanliness
  • ISO 10 Spindle - 6000 RPM
  • 8 DoF Machining
  • CO2 with Biodiesel Jet
  • Trio-Robotic Synchronization

We developed a novel “Trio-Robotic Machining System” with “Dry lubrication” technology. This one-stop robotic system can provide cleaner and better modular biomedical product post-processing in a limited space with shorter machining time and minimal costs.

The trio-robot machining system is a fully automated post-processing system that consists of three synchronized industrial robotic arms of high functionality, which can achieve a large machining area of 1.4m radius with up to 8 degree-of-freedom.