This year, Koln 3D enters the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva with two of our latest innovations.

The drug carrying bone plate (DCBP), is designed to meet different clinical needs by providing a customized delivery platform for various types of therapeutic agents. It has built-in microfl­uidic-based release mechanism, allowing optimal drug release over a controlled period. The DCBP is our solution to post-operative pain.

Our bone fusion screw, developed initially for pelvic implantation cases, is designed to promote bone growth with its customized pores, as well as strengthening bone fi­xation. Its self-tapping screw helps with pre-drilling, effectively preserving bones and tissues.

Koln 3D PSIs are designed to be customizable, compatible, and dependable. With the joint efforts of doctors and bioengineers, we look to realize inventive ideas to improve surgical outcomes.