Koln 3D Switzerland Establishment

Koln 3D has established its first branch in Europe, setting up office in Geneva, Switzerland in October 2020. We are actively seeking out collaborations with educational/research institutions.

Hospital Visit: Zhuhai People's Hospital (Hengqin Branch)

Koln 3D management and R&D team hospital visit in Zhuhai to seek out research partnership. (Jan 2020)

2019 Life Buddies Mentoring Portal

Our first participation in Life Buddies Mentoring Portal in 2019.

ESS project 2019

Signing Ceremony of our second successful application in the Enterprise Support Scheme.

STEM Education in Diocesan Girls' School

It was our pleasure to meet a teacher from Diocesan Girls’ School in Geneva during April 2020. He invited us to their school for introducing our technology in medical 3D metal printing as STEM education.